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Our story starts with Glenn Hunter himself. Glenn entered the jewelry business in Chicago of 1971 working for his brother-in-law while attending college majoring in marketing. This is where Glenn first realized the passion he had for jewelry and helping his customers find the perfect piece for their occasion.
After honing his experience in the trade for three years; Glenn moved to Los Angeles, CA to manage a Zale’s Jewelry store.  Soon after, he decided to open his own store through a partnership in Glendale, CA.  Growing tired of the “rat race” he later moved to Coeur d'Alene, ID in 1976.
Glenn met his future wife Linda Johannes in 1980 while working for Clark’s Jewelry in Coeur d'Alene, ID.  Linda, who had just moved to Coeur d'Alene, opened her own store named Johannes and Co. and 4 months later Linda and Glenn fell in love. But marrying Linda and working for Clark's would have been a conflict of interest for Glenn Hunter, so he quit and was about to become a traveling wholesale jewelry salesman when his soon to be wife made him an offer.  She said “Hey, let's go into business together!” - "Glenn was in jewelry long before I was," Linda Hunter says, "and he had far more knowledge than I, so we combined talents."
The two married on April 4, 1981. They opened a second store in 1982 in Sandpoint, Idaho. The stores sold "modestly priced" jewelry, Linda Hunter said. "It would be inexpensive things at lower price points that you hope you could get enough customers to buy enough to put food on the table," Linda says.
The Hunters closed their Sandpoint store and sold the Coeur d'Alene one in 1988 to move to Colorado Springs to be in a larger jewelry market. They opened a store downtown at 202 N. Tejon St. After 23 years, wanting to expand, they moved to 124 N. Tejon St. The store moved from downtown to University Village Colorado in November 2011.
Glenn Hunter worked with his wife at Johannes-Hunter Jewelers until 2000. Glenn had ultimately envisioned opening a fine jewelry store, where people could purchase new or used jewelry at affordable prices and also sell their own pieces, have jewelry repaired on-site by an expert Goldsmith, or get a helpful loan.  After brainstorming the concept with his peers; the conception of Glenn’s Jewelry and Loans came to fruition in 2000 when Glenn opened for business on the corner of North Academy & Palmer Park.

Glenn’s Jewelry and Loans is the most unique jewelry store in Colorado Springs by being a family owned full-fledged jeweler with a pawn license - Offering customer’s collateral loans, and affordably priced used pieces refurbished to “like new” by an expert Goldsmith.  All in a clean and safe atmosphere emphasizing outstanding customer service.

Glenn's passion has always been jewelry and people; he's worked in the industry for over 40 years and is a Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America where he received his Diploma in 1991. Glenn knew he had a good idea that would serve the jewelry needs of his community.  From 2000 to current day - Glenn’s Jewelry and Loans continues to grow through excellency in service.


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